online legal consultancy on matters pertaining to civil law, business law, labour law, administrative law and commercial criminal lawThe core activity of the Law Office is online legal consultancy on matters pertaining to civil law, business law, labour law, administrative law and commercial criminal law, inseparably matching and tied to the constant activity of research and in-depth study of the law as such.


Civil Law:

  • Private separation of the spouses, divorce and annulment of the marriage;
  • Legitimate, natural filiations and maintenance of the children;
  • National and international adoption;
  • Family pacts and trust;
  • Hereditary successions, judicial devisions, annulling testaments, donations;
  • Administration of support to legally incompetent subjects;
  • Protection of personality rights, such as name, image, reputation and honour, etc;
  • Protection of rights pertaining to contractual and non-contractual rights;
  • Debt collection legal actions;
  • Typical and atypical contracts;
  • International contracts between companies;
  • Consultancy, identification and drafting of the various types of contracts;
  • Foreign trade contractual safeguard even of the custom, fiscal and administrative type in order to the release of special authorizations and certifications necessary for export of goods to Russia;
  • Professional civil liability in particular important sectors (i.e.: liabilities of physicians, planners, manager of contracted awarded works, defective products liability, etc.)

Corporate and Business Law:

  • General corporate activities;
  • Unfair competition actions;
  • Protection of trademarks, industrial inventions, patents and copyrights;
  • Corporate transfers and conveyances;
  • Network contracts amongst companies;
  • Joint Ventures;
  • Distribution and leasing agencies;
  • Corporate acquisitions and mergers;
  • Consultancy on commercial trades with Russia;
  • Assistance in searching for industrial sites and logistic headquarters in Russia;
  • Consultancy when purchasing properties and consultancy for attending calls for tenders in Italy, purchase of properties as part of the privatization processes in Russia;
  • IT and telecommunications;
  • Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Labour Law:

  • Labour contracts in general;
  • Transfers, missions, detachments and change of tasks;
  • disciplinary procedures and individual dismissals;
  • Safeguard of the employment;
  • Safety on the job and accidents on the job and pending;
  • Independent job relation;
  • Contracts by projects;
  • Contracts of staff supply;
  • Agency and commercial agency contracts;
  • Pensions and supplementary social security conditions

Administrative Law:

  • Building industry and urban planning;
  • Environment
  • Hygiene and foodstuffs;
  • Safeguard of company before the Public Administration;
  • Immigration, residence permits, family reunions, citizenships