Consulting via telephone or through Skype, even via videoconferencingONLINE CONSULTANCY FEES

€ 164.94 including 22% V.A.T. and 4% c.p.a. (Lawyers National Insurance Fund) for written consultancy in general pertaining to all questions regarding the area of activities listed but not limited to.*

Any and additional clarifications can be always supplied via telephone or through Skype, even via videoconferencing.

Online consultancy must be preceded by the payment:

✓ through bank transfer specifying on the reasons for payment legal consultancy

✓ postal draft specifying on the reasons for payment legal consultancy

✓ paypal or credit /pre-paid card (online transaction implies an additional cost for the electronic system)

* The client must explain on the e-mail the facts clearly and synthetically, specifying everything which needs answered. The legal opining will be sent via email within four (4) working days after confirmed payment of the fee, except for cases especially complex, which will be notified promptly, given that the distinctiveness of the case requires some extra days in order to study it and draft the opinion.

For that reason and in order to the issue of the invoice, notify in advance the personal data specifying whether is a physical person, name and surname and taxpayer number or if legal entity or subject legally liable, the company name indicating the legal head office, taxpayer or VAT license number together with the statement of consenting to the processing of personal data pursuant the Legislative Decree nr. 196/03 prior being informed about the laws listed on the web site pursuant the privacy law, which the client declares of having read carefully.

Consent to Personal Data Processing